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New to Lothar

Hey all :)

My husband and I rolled blood elves (a hunter and paladin) on Lothar last weekend. Our mains are Alliance (70 mage and priest) on a PVP server but my hubby's rl friends play on Lothar so we decided to make Horde alts and join them here, even though we were initially put off that Lothar is a PVE server. We used to be PVE but went PVP and never looked back! So far I'm enjoying not having to worry about the other faction.

Anyway, say hi if you see me! My alt's name is Xanadu. If you want to donate a bag to me, I'll be happy to return the favour should you ever roll Alliance on Andorhal. ;) No more donations please :P netgoth has very very generously helped me out with bags and gold. <3
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