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For Lothar!'s Journal
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Friday, March 2nd, 2007
7:17 pm
New to Lothar
Hey all :)

My husband and I rolled blood elves (a hunter and paladin) on Lothar last weekend. Our mains are Alliance (70 mage and priest) on a PVP server but my hubby's rl friends play on Lothar so we decided to make Horde alts and join them here, even though we were initially put off that Lothar is a PVE server. We used to be PVE but went PVP and never looked back! So far I'm enjoying not having to worry about the other faction.

Anyway, say hi if you see me! My alt's name is Xanadu. If you want to donate a bag to me, I'll be happy to return the favour should you ever roll Alliance on Andorhal. ;) No more donations please :P netgoth has very very generously helped me out with bags and gold. <3

Current Mood: sleepy
Monday, February 26th, 2007
4:09 pm
Prayer of Fortitude II
So, I haven't been able to find a Prayer of Fortitude II book in ages.  Prolly because the main drop point is Ony.  And who goes to kill her anymore?

I'm not sure if this will be like Tranquil Shot was for Hunters [I was able to train it at 61].  If not, though, I need to find one of those books.  If anyone Alliance side has or sees one, I'll be more than happy to recompense you for it.

Oh, and my hunter is now 70.  Yay me.
Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
12:52 pm
Hey, if there are other LJ server based communities, why not Lothar ;)

I agree it is nicer to get with a crowd that's more mature than the official forums. I can't access them from work, but whenever I do, I feel like my IQ went down. So, I have all Horde toons on Lothar:

Chaverta lvl 62 Trollie priest
Behaimeh lvl 40 Tauren druid
Belalagosi lvl 29 undead mage
Athalia lvl 27 Belf pally

and the rest are either bank toons or just name holders of various levels. I have a couple of toons on some other servers, but now they're neglected. I'm with Children of Midian and I'm on nearly every afternoon/evening. You'll find me running around either on Chaverta or Athalia...Chaverta has a thing for male nelfs - she just can't help herself. My other toons will more than likely thumb their nose at the opposition. Except for Behaimeh - she's too nice :) I also have my toons listed at
for non guildie viewing pleasure.
12:09 pm
Hola Everyone.

The community looked kind of sad with 0 posts, so I thought I'd start us off.

I play Alliance side, not 'cause they're pretty or the good guys or anything, just that's where all my friends were. I mostly play my lvl 68 (almost 69) Human Warlock (Smithra), although I also have a 30-ish priest (Esmee) and a Mage (Jokinn) in his mid teens.

When I'm not WoWing it up, I work as a Software Engineer in Cincinnati, OH.

I'm not sure what I really expect out of this community, just figured it'd be nice to have a realm forum of sorts with a (hopefully) better maturity to drama/trolls ratio than the Blizzard forums.
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